Profile Picture Editor - Delete the old in File Manager

Hello !

I’m trying to create a way for a user to modify his initial profile picture.

So I added a Image Uploader that shows the current picture and a Save button with a workflow deleting the previous image from the database and placing the new one. Which is what I want.

The only thing is that each time they upload a picture even without pressing “save”, an image is uploaded to the file manager. Is there a way to block that from hapening before he “Saves” ? Or to create a “Delete” event in the Imager Uploader process ?

Am I using the right feature ?

Thank you !


That is the way the picture uploader works.

It is uploaded to file manager but not yet saved to the data type entry.

True, and that’s fine. But it also upload a file to the File Manager instantly. And I can’t force the user to press “Save” to make my workflow delete the old picture.

I wish for the old file to be deleted when this profile pic is updated by the user. So like that, I won’t waste storage space once I go live.

But Picture Uploader is just stacking files in File Manager each time it’s used :confused:

There must be a way to make this cleaner and wasting less space ?

Schedule a backend workflow to take place sometime later if the thing file field (or some appropriate condition) is empty …. to eliminate the field from S3 (from the file manager)

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