Is it possible to old image on the front-end before sending to server?

I’ve used the File & Picture uploader to let my users select their own profil picture but I’ve realised each time they add a picture it immidiatly send it on the server.

So when a user try a picture, realise he does not like the result so he change it for another and never validate the picture, they all stay on the server and I need to manually delete them in the file manager.

Is it possible to upload a picture on the browser only (front-end) and ONLY when the user click “Confirm” then it will send the picture on the server into his user thing? (back-end)


Explore the action “delete an uploaded file”

Hi @cmarchan, thank you for the reply,

I’ve use a workaround solution but I would like to know if there’s a way without uploading it to the server? What I’m doing is when the image uploader value change I schedule an API workflow to delete the file the day after. When the user confirm the image, it cancel the last scheduled workflow API

it feel soo much complicated for nothing, I have hard time to beleive there is no better solution

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The uploader loads it directly to file manager … it is the way it works.

Good thing you found a solution :+1:t2: