Program a date-based workflow to switch a field from Yes to No

Hello everyone,

I need help, I’m setting up a subscription system for my media with Stripe, this subscription allows my users to see premium content. I’ve created a button that allows me to cancel my user’s subscription, but the cancellation doesn’t happen immediately, it ends on the renewal date, which allows the person to continue accessing the premium content since they’ve already paid for the current month. For information, in my user database I have the following fields (I only put the one that’s important in my case) Subscriber: Yes/no and renewal date: date. So I’d like to set up a workflow that triggers on the renewal date and changes my user to Subscriber: NO. I understand that I need to create a custom event or an API workflow? In short, I’m at a loss as I haven’t succeeded in either method. If anyone can help me that would be great.

Thanks and have a nice day

can use a backend workflow and schedule it for the date.

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