Programmatic SEO with Bubble - Autogenerate 1000s of landing pages

Hey Bubblers,

I’m Minh (@mq_p on Twitter). I’m a Web & Nocode developer from France and very active on twitter about #nocode.

I know there are a lot of entrepreneurs using Bubble to grow their business (including me) and one of the hardest thing we are all facing is to drive traffic to our website. It’s the starting point before even trying to convert our users to make a purchase, right?

I’ve created a nocode tool called SEOmatic to help you drive more traffic with Programmatic SEO. If you don’t know what it is, you can read this or subscribe to this Free Programmatic SEO course.

Basically, the idea is to target low competition keywords in bulk and create a snowball effect to drive traffic to your website. Like Tripadvisor did with “Best hotels in…” or Zapier with “Tool1 Tool2 integration”

And I’m happy to announce that SEOmatic has an integration with Bubble :tada:

You can now create 1000’s of landing pages for your Bubble app in few clicks. All you have to do is to create a Blog Data Type, add required fields, enable your Data API, add your API token and then you are all setup to start playing with Programmatic SEO.

Here is a demo:

You can get started with Programmatic SEO on Bubble here: SEOmatic | Programmatic SEO with Bubble

Also, I have been doing Bubble for years now. So I’m happy to answer any questions related to creating a Bubble app in production :slightly_smiling_face:



Can this be used to do backlinks at scale?

@chad5 Backlinks is when you get links to your site from an external source. Here you can create lots of landing pages and have like a Call To Action to your homepage or even your pricing page, depends on your content :slight_smile:

OK thank you

Hello. Are there any examples of sites where this already works?