Programmatic SEO SaaS with, Possible?

Just learn about programmatic SEO

  • Programmatic SEO is the strategy of publishing unique, high-quality pages at scale using a template and a database. The goal of programmatic SEO is to create content with the same depth and thoroughness as a traditionally published article but repeated thousands, if not millions, of times at scale.

Need input from more experience bubbler.

  • my concern :

    • large quantity “high quality” landing page from database.
      i guess focus on same group of Keyword, but slightly different content ( maybe location? ) and generate hundreds of different landing page
  • Bubble SEO performance?

    • i building web-apps with Bubble, but never concern about its SEO perf… not sure page build with Bubble, how optimize it can be.
  • if hundred or even thousand of pages is generated ( database, not the actual “page” )
    the url might be{page unique name in db}
    so i need to generate a sitemap and manually overwrite in bubble file manager?

i wanted to try it for my own apps.
Possible develop it into SaaS and sell as service.

All your input are highly appreciated.
God Bless You, Bubbler.

It’s “possible”, but won’t be performant for SEO. So, not really a good solution.

Thanks for reply,
could you explain further?

Because Programmatic SEO is less effective? OR
Bubble limitation on SEO performance?

The reasons are too many to enumerate. Bubble is a client-server system that makes dynamic pages and is not optimized in any meaningful way for SEO. Page speed is poor by any modern measure (which is not unexpected, given the architecture). Bubble is great for making applications with little-to-no-code, but is no match for (for example) a static site built in Gatsby or a similar static site generator, in terms of “SEO” performance.

If you’d like to know more, just search the forum for SEO and see how silly the conversations get.

I really like Bubble and think it’s great for building things that Bubble is great for building. But your proposed project is what we call a “non-starter”. If you’re interested in Bubble, go build something else. If you’re wedded to your idea, go find a suitable architecture (which will NOT be a no/low-code platform).

(Also, if you don’t really know what SEO entails, Bubble is not the place to learn that and you won’t become an SEO expert futzing about in Bubble. You can learn many other things about web development by building your Bubble skills, but all you’ll learn from Bubble vis-a-vis SEO is what not to do.)

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really appreciate your insightful feedback.

I do notice bubble pagespeed, and actual loading speed has lot to improve.
But since i mostly doing SPA, load once for all is still consider smooth experience for real human.

But u did mentioned Static Page.
U give me some idea.

  • a dozen html landing page template.
  • content = variable
  • 1 click to generate dozen statil html , and new sitemap?

Would this sound possible?

Go build it. See what happens.

bookmark for reference :

bubble built-in dynamic-sitemaps

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