Progress Bars Suite - New Plugin from Gimazu

New plugin for Bubblers!!


Every time I started developing a project I needed different progress bars (linear but displaying not only the percentage, circular but allowing to customize every graphic aspect, etc …) I then developed a suite that contains 4 elements:

  • PBS Circle Progress - Display a fully customizable circular progress bar

  • PBS Arc Progress - Display a fully customizable arc progress bar (gauge style)

  • PBS Line Progress - Display a fully customizable linear progress bar

  • PBS Graphical Progress - Display a customizable image or svg fill progress bar

Demo version
Plugin page.

Feedback is welcome!

Gian Mauro aka Gimazu


Hi Gian,

How does the plugin work in the new editor? Any examples?


Hi @jasonturo ,
I released a new version of the plugin for compatibility with the new responsive engine.
Since the new responsive engine is still in beta this version of the plugin is also in beta