Stripe Integration Bill for a product

How do you bill for a certain product in stripe using the stripe product key? Additionally how do you add a discount code to that product?

Example: Sell a shirt for $20 and trigger a charge for that specific item in stripe. Additionally, can I add a promotion code for this example product?

stripe docs cover that side of reqmt , including

  • stripe checkout session
  • stripe product
  • stripe price
  • stripe coupon
  • stripe discount

integration may require familiarity with bubble API connector that can link a number of stripe calls into a coherent workflow covering the transaction in which a stripe checkout session’s state will cover the product purchase, applying a one-time discount to the gross price according to the coupon/discount passed in to the call → ./v1/checkout/sessions

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Unfortunately I don’t believe this response is correct. Stripe Docs from Bubble do not cover one-time charges to a Stripe “product” (i.e., a product you’ve created in your Stripe dashboard). They cover subscriptions tied to Stripe products and a couple scenarios, but not one-time charges to a Stripe product.

Looks like for the moment, Bubble’s Stripe plugin doesn’t have a way to connect these, so the option I’m going with is just “charge the current user” and inputting dynamic details for the charge from the user’s product selection in my app.

Not sure why they wouldn’t have a way to handle this scenario, but oh well, I guess.