Prompted for password but don't have one

I thought I’d ask here before bothering Bubble support, as I might be overlooking something simple…

I’d like to update the email address for my Bubble account, and I’m prompted to enter my current password. However, I signed up using Google authentication - i.e. I don’t have a Bubble password as far as I know.

So how do I proceed?

I’d imagine you can reset your password, and thereby create a password if you don’t already have one. Just an idea.

@sridharan.s, thanks for the prompt response!

Yeah, I guess I can do that, but it does make me wonder about the auth flow. Part of the appeal of 3rd party authentication is reducing the number of passwords to manage. Since I signed up using Google, I don’t understand why I’m not simply prompted to re-auth using Google. The current behavior is not the best user experience. :neutral_face:

(Yeah, I know; I should relay this to Bubble.) :slightly_smiling_face: