"forgot password" page

I am completely confused on how to create a “forgot password” page. I do not even know where to begin. any advice to point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

You will need an input and a button.

The input is where a user will enter their e-mail address.
The button will trigger a workflow that has a “Send password reset email” action.

I’ll assume since you’ve got users who are signed up that you know how to apply these :slight_smile:

For a bit of background, every Bubble application has a password reset page built in (which can’t be removed). That page is named reset_pw.

When you use Bubble’s reset password system, it sends an email to that user. The email itself includes a URL that points to reset_pw and includes a special token value for resetting their password.

Expanding on @kirk’s response with the GIF below.


Thank you! I was completely over thinking it.

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Thank you! I was over thinking it.

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