Prototype Golf Game-Unique Idea needing tested

As far as I can tell I have completed my app to the best of my ability. The best of my ability being what a high school English teacher with no coding knowledge and a one-year old son can hobble together over the course of several months. I know there are some minor polishing issues with some of the animations, and probably some misalignments when moving from different screen sizes but really I just need fresh eyes and maybe a few people with a background in bubble that can give this a look and throw some feedback my way.

The premise is to bring gamification into golfing. Live-Action Role-Playing Golf (LARG) has users select a fantasy character class, then turn every hole (or set of holes) into a monster to fight. The goal is no longer to get par on a hole, but to do enough damage to beat the monster. The game uses the basic elements of golf improvement, tracking fairways and greens hit, putts per hole, and base scoring (birdie, par, etc) to create a formula for damage. As users play more golf they level they character, unlocking new “skills” to use on the course to make the game more fun and to allow them to build in the ways golfers normally “cheat” into the game and regulate it (things like mulligans and ignoring penalty strokes). Eventually there will be a character customization aspect.

There is also an integrated element that uses player level to give their virtual self attributes to use in a built-in golf simulator. Right now that game is little more than a text game where a button is clicked and equations are run to simulate golf shots, but the concept is clear for what I am angling for.

There is a blog portion of the site that provides further details of elements to come and long term visions. The goal is to make golf more accessible and give the average golfer a better sense of accomplishment while helping them get better through changing their mindset about the game.

If anyone would be willing to help me out, or at least give the demo a look and give me minimal feedback, I would greatly appreciate it.