PSA: Claude 3.5 is very good at designing HTML emails

Claude 3.5 Sonnet (Claude) is very good at making custom email templates for tools like Postmark or SendGrid, way better than ChatGPT. It speeds up email design so much.

It will also generate and render code inline. Here I told it to redesign the same email but for a team member invitation:

And you can view the full email here…

Cool stuff - no more plain text emails for me!

In case you want to include HTML in SendGrid without too much effort, here’s the code for your API Connector call (replace Send email actions with the custom API call):



Authorization: Bearer $SendGridAPIKey
Content-Type: application/json


    "personalizations": [
            "to": [
                    "email": <email>
    "from": {
        "email": ""
    "subject": <subject>,
    "content": [
            "type": "text/html",
            "value": <html>

Then, just ensure all of your inputs are :formatted as JSON safe.


This is awesome stuff, thanks for sharing.

Could you post what the prompt was you used to generate the email you provided in this post?

Then, the code is literally a copy + paste + change the dynamic variables to dynamic data (and change the placeholder logo URL to your own URL - though, if you tell Claude the URL, it’ll put it in for you by default)

Email here: Claude Artifact


Straightforward … and … powerful!

Easy email html code (which as we all know has its tricks) and turning it into a super-easy-to-configure Bubble API call … ! :smiley: :rocket: :fire:

Thanks for sharing @georgecollier !


I use Claude more than 4o these days for API. The responses are always much more precise.