Html email builder

Has anyone built an email builder that outputs HTML so end users can send nice looking emails without code?

Similar to mailchimp email builder or similar.

I’m curious to see something bubble built in action.


bumping this one…

Nope, but this is a cool thought. I know you can use CoPilot’s Sendgrid plugin to send dynamic templates but it would be cool to build an HTML email on bubble. If you find a solution hit me up!

Just use API connector to create Sendgrid api v3 (
and set content-type is text/html


Those are pre made templates, not ones our users create on the fly like mailchimp

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If you have pre made templates on sendgrid then use below API methods to send those,

If you want html builder for prepare the email content then, use HTML editor’s. and use the Sendgrid Api V# for sent the html content.

there are more available plugins for html editor’s at