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Publish Bubble App in the Play and App Store

Hi, I am new in Bubble. I want to create an app which should also be in the Play and App store. So do you maybe know how to convert a bubble app into a mobile app? It should be as easy as possible :smiley:

Best wishes,


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Hi @Jakob1 welcome to the community!

Totally possible via designing your app as a single page app and of course with UI to go with it (as opposed to a responsive approach).

Search through the forum for much advice on this

Find templates in the marketplace to draw inspiration (not necessarily to use them as each project is unique right?)

Explore what is known as β€œwrapping setvice for mobile”. There are various options for this from free to paid.

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Check out

Learn no code β†’

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Thank you for your answer :smiley:

I’ll I try them out.


Paid wrapping services:

Example of a mobile template (paid)

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The best & easy way is to buy a wrapper and use it for App Store & Play Store - Webviewgold is good

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