Pull data from database that isn' the parent group?

I have a repeating group:

Within that repeating group, I have another repeating group:


In that group, I then have an expression to do some math:

Within that expression, I need a value that is unique to the 1st most repeating parent group of “models”. When I try to add it in though I only have the option for the current cell’s data. Is there a way to go one more level up to the 1st repeating “model” group?

I hope that makes sense if not please ask questions and I’ll do my best to clarify.

Thanks in advanced.

If you could get the index number of the outer RG, then you could try “RG 3d models item#:index” to extract that value.

Nested repeating groups aren’t always the best option, so you might find it faster to avoid that.

would that index number be static as in being the same with every line of the repeating group? The value I’m looking to get would potentially be different for every item in the repeating group.

No it is the index of the relevant cell of the outer rg. So it would not be static.

got it. Then to get to that index number would I use the “do a search for”?

got it. Then to get to that index number would I use the “do a search for”?

Just add a group with data inside the first RG cell (or add a custom state to any element inside the first RG cell). Then you’ll be able to refer directly to that.

As adam said. In the first rg create a group and call it index or whatever and set it to current cells index. The in the inner RG expression group refer the outerRG’s item # group index and then the value will show up.

The purple is the outer RG and the Red is the inner RG.