Pull out data from a cell in repeating group and then edit it

I am creating a database of class locations as created by one particular user ( test user in the picture).
The list of what is created appears in a repeating group below. Now let’s say the test user want to edit one of these records. How do I go about puliing this record into the record below (in the Edit this record Box), editing it and then resaving it? How to set this up?

Either, try a popup, or group and give that group or popup current cell data souce.

And when you will edit it you will reference to the current cell.

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Hello @accts,

To start off, set the content type of the bottom(Edit this location) group to the data type of the records. But leave the data source empty.

Then set up the workflow for the edit button. When the button is clicked, we’ll have 2 actions going in there.
The first, Display Data in a group. For element, select the bottom(Edit this location) group and for the Data to display, select the current cell class location

With this, whenever the edit button is clicked that current cell data should be displayed in the edit group.

Since we have the current cell data shown in the edit group. We’ll go ahead to setup the workflows for the edit button.

When the Edit Button is clicked, we’ll have these 2 actions
First, Make a change to a thing, where the thing would be Current Cell’s Class Location, and then add the fields

Second, Reset the group. For element, select the “Edit group”

If there’s any follow-up question, please let me know or I could make a quick video showing it also.


Got most of it based on your help. However, the data that appears under the Edit this location is not editable. The fields do not have any workflow on them. Not sure how to make them editable.
The edit and save btn has following workflow.

It looks to me like you are setting the locations name to its own name, rather than to the input box. Same with the address. Try setting the value to Input Location Name instead of parent group’s location name.

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