Edit a repeating record in original form

I have a form where I input some information. I then save this info with a save button. Below the form is the same info in a repeating group. When I save the input, it appears in the repeating group as I hoped. I rest the inputs so the form is blank. However, I would like to be able to click the edit button and then have the information for record appear back in the from so I can edit it, if needed. Then resave to update. So I am wondering how to set up the edit button to do that. Thanks.

I would:

  1. group the forms’s elements into a group
  2. when you click on the repeating group’s edit button
  3. then display data onto the Group Form (or whatever you named it).

From there you have to adapt your workflow to update this existing address (instead of only create new thing).


Thanks a bunch. I have put the from in a grp. In the workgrp for the edit button, I select “Display data” as an action picking the form. Thereafter it asks for what data and what I cant figure out is how to push the values from the repeating element to the form. The choices presented are not making sense to me.

Hi there, @mntcastle… you are definitely on the right track, but this one can be a bit tricky. To elaborate on what Rico wrote, I created an example that is very similar to yours…


As you already know, you need to put the input fields and the save button into a group, and the Type of content for the group should be Location.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you also need to set the initial content of the input fields to show the corresponding values for the Parent group's Location. For example, the setup for first field would look like this…

Now, when the Edit button is clicked, you display the Current cell's Location in the group…


So, when I click the Edit button associated with the first location, I get this…


Oh, and to make it clear that the action is different, I changed the label on the Save Location button to Save Changes. That change is easily done through the following condition on the save button…

Finally, you have to make sure the workflow for the save button knows when to create a new thing vs. when to make changes to a thing, and that is handled through the following Only when conditions…

Anyway, that’s probably a lot more detail than you wanted, but I thought you might have some additional questions as you worked through it, so I hope the detail is helpful.



Wow! I’m at awe. What a detailed response. The community thanks you, @mikeloc!


Thanks, @rico.trevisan! This community is awesome, and I’m just happy to contribute. :slight_smile:


That will send that row’s data to the form group. That’s it!

I might be out of line by suggesting / assuming, but you might benefit from following a course. My favorite one is the AirBnB Clone from Zeroqode (link below). It’s a great and very practical course (I think it’s even free). This course unlocked a ton of Bubble functionality for me.

Gabi’s YouTube channel is also filled with tons of tips & tricks.

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Hi Thank you ever so much. I was able to create the form functionality I needed. No way I could have done this or even figured it on my own.

I will look into the Zerocode course as you suggest. I have found the online courses helpful, but only in specific sense. I am still lacking a comprehensive understanding of the program. I am used to the usual database terminology, such as records and tables etc. and have found this mode, although amazing in many ways, hard to figure out so far.
One of the courses, I am doing right now, on Udemy by Sarar Ali, really great in that he also covers the design aspect of it along with the functionality.
Thank you very much for your help, can’t thank you enough. Hope I will be good enough one day to help others. - Charan Langton


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