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Pull data from outside source to fill multiple fields on website

High Level: I am creating a list of items to rent, each with 5 fields worth of relevant information that I expect to change regularly, so I want to be able to pull/update the data from a CSV/API/something else so I’m not continually having to update the website. I figure the best way to do so would be with a repeating group, but am struggling to figure out how to map the following fields to it.

The fields types I need pulled are:

  • Picture of item
  • Text
  • Text
  • Text
  • Text

Advice on where to pull this information from and how to set it up thru bubble would be much appreciated.

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I think Blockspring can do this for you. Check this out

@emmanuel Maybe my understanding of blockspring is incorrect, but doesn’t blockspring pull information from different parts of the internet and save that info on a regimented schedule? What I’m trying to upload is data where I’m the only person that will have it. I guess I could upload it somewhere in the internet, I just dont know where I would need to upload it to to have blockspring pull it.

Also with that, I’m not finding how to map multiple fields at once/blockspring or not – it seems you can only upload a csv and map to a single field – not the five at once that I want to do.

Anyone else have any ideas? This is my only road block right now :frowning:

Look into hooking up Blockspring with Those two together should let you scrape data that you may need and access it through Bubble. More details would definitely help. PM someone if it’s a bit more private.

I am not sure is the way to go (much as I love The way to do it would be to have a google sheet with your data on it, then use blockspring’s Query Google Sheets function to import the data. All your data would be in a Google Sheet, so you can update. And you need to set it to sharable, then configure the plugin.

This allows you to map the fields in the query to the header values, so you can select the field with Bubble.

Here I am using the Query Google Spreadsheet function, and have removed the “where” clause so I get everything.

You could potentially use the “Read Worksheet” function instead.

There are currently some weird things that happen with this (like having to have a field formatted as a number). But once you get it running it is easier than the native CSV import.


Thanks @NigelG , this is exactly the concept I suspected existed. A few last questions…

I’ve been able to map everything I believe how you suggested, however, I’m not seeing the data show up when I go to preview. Is this because you have to fully launch the website to a domain before that data will be pulled from blockspring/google sheets?

Also because I can’t see it, I’m not sure if I mapped the images I want shown correctly of the vehicles – I’ve attached screenshots of everything below. Please let me know if this correct.


Blockspring upload:


Design of page:

Preview output:

Yes, annoying isn’t it :smile:

Everything looks like it is set up ok. Have you formatted one of the columns to be a number ? It needs that for some reason.

@NigelG Yeah I’ve set up both the “Max # of Occupants” and “Price per hour” as numeric, the picture of bus as an image (tried as text too still didn’t work), and the special features as text.

I’ve played with the google spreadsheet sharing, but not sure what else to fiddle with that would change it.

Not sure what to suggest. When it works… it works. Not very helpful I know !

I even removed the plugin and reset everything up from scratch.

Maybe try to recreate in the forum app and we can have a look ?

@NigelG Thanks for all the help-- take a peek:

The spreadsheet it’s pulling from is here:

OK, I have updated the Repeat Group so that it pulls the relevant data.

Image isn’t working though, might need to give that some more thought.

Hey @NigelG, thanks for all the info.

you seem to mention you use this to “import” the data. But how do you get the data from the google spreadsheet query into your bubble table?

I used a timer on the page with a counter that increments. I then pull that row into the table.

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Awesome. Thanks for all the help!