PUSH NOTIFICATION) is it possible in web app?

Is it possible to send push notification in web app?

  • push notification - sending notification even the user is not currently using the webapp.

you will want to use a backend workflow for this…a number of ways to do it but depends on your use case. for example you could set up a backend api workflow to send a specific user an email and have it triggered/scheduled by a change to a part of the database.

How about push notification ? (not via email)

Can one signal push notification plugin send users a push notification?

by web app you mean desktop computer/laptop or a website loaded on a mobile device?

For web as in desktop/laptop browser yes, you can send push notification via OneSignal.
For mobile phons you need an app, you can see Superview wrapper and OneSignal PRO plugin for that.

So you mean it’s possible on both desktop and mobile phone? That’s amazing, is it complex to implement Onesignal plugin? I found so hard to find learning sources… Can you explain if you can?

Thanks :slight_smile:

yes, you can send to both: desktop and mobiles phones (via native app/wrapper).
Check https://onesignal.com/pricing for pricing.
For web you have 30K, for mobile you have unlimited. on free plan.
If you purchase or rent the OneSignal PRO plugin, you simply drag the element on the page (I suggest you make a header or footer.
From there you can add PlayerIDs to current user when it does login, and remove the playerID when it does log out. This way you free the user’s device and keep the information private to CURRENT user.
For mobile devices, iOS and Android, I suggest SuperView (no affiliation, is the one that I found and used since I made the plugin).

Thanks, I’ll go look at Superview

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