Push notifications inbox

anybody know if there is possible to do push noticifations, like when a user gets a new message, is there a way to fix that without paying thousands of dollars, i mean you have to be able to do that on your own? i want to get a notification for everytime someone sends a new message to my user, im creating a native app, but i guess all apps are web apps from the start before converting to native? i have all my elements on 1 page.

Yeah, there is some free browser push notifications, I forget what they are called though. I remember there’s a bubble plug-in for them too

okey i understand, but are all these plugins for web app? my app is a native app :frowning: i have all elements on one page

Try OneSignal

Yeah im doing now! Hard stuff this Onesignal :smiley:

I’m using WebViewGold’s xcode template for ios. They have integrated onesignal service where you can get the users player id to then send notifications to the phone. The template is around $80 & the onesignal push plugin $35. This is now working for me but I’ve been working with this for a few weeks now.

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