Push notification system for bubble

I am planning to include a push notification system in my Bubble app - but I am a bit confused here.

In our system, our users can make activity records related to a due date and I would like to send push notifications to users when they have an activity on a due date in the morning. So this means many push notifications needs to be send to induvidual users. I can see OneSignal has a number of plugins possibilities for Bubble - but which one should I use - They have both free and paid ones - or is there something even better out there we should use.

Any help will be appreaciated here…


Your best bet is OneSignal as they have the most support and can be utilized via IOS and Android. I currently use OneSignal free for my app atm. Works just fine.

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Hi @hn1
You can use Progressier it’s very easy to setup (It also has 14 days free trial you can try once)
I am already using it in one of my application till now no issues…
You can also follow this tutorial
Send push notifications with Bubble & Progressier | Progressier Help Center

Hi GhostCodes,
Thanks for your quick reply. Which one of the offered OneSignal plugins do you use from the Bubble plugin section?


Thanks Vajihahmed,
I will check out this opportunity and thanks for the guide. - much appreciated.