Push notification For app

Do any one know of a plug in that can be used for push notification. I know one signal can but it is hard to use. Anyone developing a plug in for this purpose as I think it is necessary.

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Did you ever find an answer to this?

Hello, really with the necessary complements, onesignal is very easy to use, I am a novice but using onesignal is very easy, if you need help I can help you with a tutorial

There are a lot of threads about using Onesignal for Bubble apps:

Did you get to implement push notifications on your bubble app with onesignal? If so how? I haven’t been able to collect player id. What is the javascript bridge that you used?

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var token = android.getOneSignalRegisteredId();

send me an email and I’ll help you

what’s your mail address please i need your assistance.