Push notification

Hey guys,

So I tried the plugin from codurly, unfortunately I even paid for the premium plugin and still no response from them :frowning: (waaay more than 24 hours). Their video tutorial is low quality recorded and I cannot see the text in js plugin they used.
I’m using a web view and registered the user so I get a player ID, but not the actual user, just the device.
Now my question is:
how can I get the onsignal player id from webview to record it in bubble database? So I can send individual push notifications?
Even if I manage to register the user via codurly plugin, I still need somehow to give this playerID to the web view so it can receive the actual push notification, rather than having two different player IDs.

So the best way would be to get the player id that the web view is registering, and add it to the current user’s data base. I tried to set a cookie and get that cookie into the database, but I can only read the cookie, can’t register the cookie’s value which is the Player ID into the PlayerID in bubble data base.


I’ve just figured this out, do you still need to know @mvandrei?

hey, sure. in 10 days I will have the other thing, very special project that I was working on and then will fix this, but if you figured it out that’s great! What was it

Ok, I’m about to mention you in the other post! lets get it all included and working together!
Speak soon