PUT request error-API connection plugin

I got the error when trying using PUT API connection to modify data, Here is error. Please take a look.

Seem it is bug from API connection plugin, I tried many kind of JSON body, but it same error.

Could you try accessing the API via curl or Postman and posting the results here…
It should hopefully provide more insight into as to what is going wrong.

here is my request from REST client

another from my setting.

From what I can see the authorization headers are missing on the Bubble API connector’s end…
Perhaps that is the issue?

I have two call, you can see Samanage- Create Incident using POST method above, It work with this plugin( tested).
For this call I try to use PUT method. Error very strange for me. Look like bubble bug.

It fixed, it have additional line break on the URL but bubble does not show it. When I try copy to browser address, i saw it.

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