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Putting Google AdSense code into site


I am trying to put the AdSense code into my Bubble website; however, when I try and validate on my Google AdSense account that the code is in my website, it keeps saying it can’t find it. Which means there is a 100% chance that I am doing it wrong. Below is the process I am goign through:

  • Under settings --> SEO/metatags --> “Script/meta tags in header”
  • Pasting script code from Google AdSense into this box
  • Deploying the new version of the website
  • Checking on AdSense if Google can “see” the code on my website

Am I putting the script in the wrong place? Is there anything more/different I need to do?

Thanks for the help!

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Are you on a paid plan? The SEO scripts work only if you are on a paid plan.

I am on the paid plan.

Hello @hofst038,

Could you solve this?

I was able to yes.

How do you resolve it? Added code in Html block?

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