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PWA Hijacked by "Accept Wifi Terms and Conditions" Pages

I use a PWA (progressive web app). Users go to my website on mobile and select “Add to Home Screen”, which makes it look and feel like a normal app.

However, when users open the PWA while on public wifi - it redirects the PWA to those webpages to accept terms and conditions to use Wifi (think of WiFi at Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, Hotels, Etc).

Now, the PWA opens directly to Southwest Airlines or Starbucks instead of my app. This is a huge barrier to using my app. User would need reinstall the PWA to remove this issues.

Does anyone have a suggestion to solve this?

Hi @brad.h ,
Did you manage to overcome this? If yes then How? also have you considered setting your offline.html page?

Nope never solved it. You basically have to "add to home screen’ again after you hit a cafe’s wifi page. It’s bad for UX…whish I had solution.

not familiar with this. interested to hear more.