[QOL Improvement] Recognize image aspect ratio

Hello everyone!

Wanted to call out a small quality of life improvement. Now, when you upload a static image, Bubble will automatically set the aspect ratio of the uploaded image if you choose to keep the image’s aspect ratio fixed. If the aspect ratio can be reduced down (for example, the image uploaded is 100x300) we will do so automatically (in this case, down to 1x3). Previously, we defaulted to 1x1 and you had to manually set the aspect ratio.

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 12.31.26 PM

Note: Keeping a fixed aspect ratio is only available when an image is not set to fixed width/height and has a parent container layout that is not fixed.


Thanks @nick.carroll! Big timesaver I used to find the width and height and put it in an aspect ratio calculator :joy:

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I used to put the actual width and height

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Nice time saver, this used to be pretty annoying

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