[Request] Uploading Image

Correct me if i miss something.

I found it is quite inconvenience when you upload Image with bubble (during editor mode)
I have to Manually enter the image size ( in the ratio setting, W x H )
to keep the image display in proper ratio and scale…

this really troublesome as i need to check the actual size WxH before i upload any pic.

Why cant the bubble do this for me by default? all uploaded pic in their actual ratio…
in what case Who would wanted to display a image with custom ratio??

I think if you just don’t check the box to “keep element aspect ration fixed” then it will display images in their correct aspect ration within the sizes you have given the image element. That is how I have images in a repeating group and they are images of different orientations and sizes and they all keep their own Aspect Ratio.

I guess is not available in the Beta Responsive mode?

Anywhere, thanks for your reply, didnt knew that too.