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QR Code Generator to SVG Mintflow

Hello - Below are the steps i took and my question is at the bottom.

I am utilizing the free Mintflow QR Code Generator.

I save a file (.pdf) into a FileUploader input form.

In my workflow i generate the QR code SVG from the .pdf uploaded to the FileUploader input form.

After saving the data, my database shows the QR Code file i created.

My problem is that i cannot view the QR Code created when I right click the image and select “Open Image in New Tab”.

Do i need to be on a paid version to view this QR Code? Would i be able to “read” the image and print the QR Code from another bubble app if i was on a paid version?

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The generated code is not an image - it’s a svg thing not a canvas thing. HTML SVG

Make sense? The browser knows how to render svg so it looks like an image.


Yup, that’s true. Thanks!

In short, it generates HTML code since the server-side actions don’t support the file uploading feature. That’s why you don’t see a regular link to the file/image.
It might help to use another plugin that generates SVG via the client-side. So, you’ll have a link.