QR Code scanner - more direct navigation without "open in Browser" prompt

I’m using the QR Code Scanner plugin in my app which works well. However, when a QR Code is scanned using a camera on the phone, a prompt pops up to “Open in Browser”.

Yesterday I scanned a lottery ticket using the same camera on my phone to check if I’d won (I hadn’t) and was surprised that it was SO fast in that it instantly opened the “results” page for my ticket on The National Lottery app without any prompts.

Does anyone know a way of by-passing the “Open in Browser” prompt that appears so my UX is more like the lottery app’s version? (ie an instant link to where I want them to land). My camera settings clearly allow the lottery app to link directly so I’m thinking this is a Bubble thing.

Personally, I have no idea, but from my own experience, more often than not, I need to use the prompt to open in browser, and if I don’t it is because I have the app associated with the QR installed on my device.