Queries names on SQL Database Connector API have disapiared

Yesterday, I had like 12 queries on my SQL Database Connector API with their names, but today all these queries names have disapiared.

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Same here … Any help ? Is it a bug ?

We have a lot of queries on this connector (> 200) , all are with blank names since this morning. Just try to click on 1 “blank” query name to edit it and it automatically considered the name as empty (after the click while there was a name yesterday) which generate errors …

Can you correct this bug ? Advise (if we need to restore a past version deployed or another guidance)


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same issue, I hope they will fix this soon.

@sam.morgan @mikeloc This is a confirmed bug from my end as well. Names are blank in all Bubble SQL Plugin Connector Queries…

Cool, but you know I don’t work for Bubble, right, @bubble.trouble? :slight_smile:

I would suggest that everyone in this thread submit a bug report to make the issue more visible to Bubble support.

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Done !

Well yeah I know that :). I know you like to stay updated on these issues that affect everyone as it tends to stir up a lot of posts on the forum and multiple threads so I was trying to save you some time in case you see it come up again.

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It’s a sickness, really… I’m getting help. :wink:

Hey All -

The fix is going live for this right now.


Same here.

Refresh you editor window, they should be back now.

Well, that was quite scary there for a moment!

Good job guys, thank you.