Question about Lesson: Defining a field as a list of things

In this lesson you create shopping items and attach them to a user as a new type: shopping list.

Why would you create a new thing and as a next step save the results of step one to a new type of list to the user? What is the benefit of this over just saving the items in the shopping items list and show the shopping list in a RG filteren on current user?

You can actually do it both ways very often, but sometime it’s a easier to just create a field that is a list of something instead of doing searches. But sometime you’ll need a list field. For instance, for Twitter, you can either have a field on the followed person with the list of followers, or on the following person with a list of people he follows. In both cases, you would do a what we do in the lesson.

Thanks. Yeah it looked very convenient until I realized that the things I’m creating aren’t always created by the user himself. I didn’t see a way to save the results of step 1 on another user other than the current so I guess it won’t work for me.

Other than making some workflows easier, that is one of the reasons to have a list on a user.

So if you want another user other than the current user to have “ownership” of an item, then you can add the result of step 1 (which will have current user as creator) to another user’s list.

How do i select the other user’s list?

I tried:
Type of things: User
List to change: Search for users, filtered on Client = dropdown list’s value (is client’s email address that works fine for step 1)
shopping list ADD result of step 1

However, this doesnt add anything to that shopping list.

And what if this works, how would i be able to edit a particular thing in a list? there is only the option to add or remove not edit or change that particular item?

I’m still not sure what the benefits would be to store the list, basically copying it, on the user. I cant skip step 1 so i need to have a thing that the list gets stored on first anyway… I have to admit this is pretty confusing…(to me)

I’ve tried several time to re-create this lesson on my own page, with the lesson open on another tab and following along with the arrows. There is at least one flaw that I’ve found if trying to do this on my own page. Right after creating the Save button and then creating a new item “Shopping Item” and then “Name”=. On the Lesson page, there is an option for “Input Item” and on my page there is no option for that and can not proceed to make it work without it.

If you can share the editor of your app, its much easier to go through!

Not sure how to share the editor, but if you try to do the steps from the lesson on your own page, you’ll see what I mean. You don’t need to do the whole lesson, just a couple of steps past adding the Save button

Input Item is an Input field with a name of Input Item.

So you will need to add an input field. You don’t need to call it “Input Item” if you don’t want.

So I made it without errors this time but now everything shows up in preview except the text from the added and saved items

Thanks for your help, still working on it.