Adding an item to a list of things

Hi all,

My app is a job board. I would like to have the option for user’s to save jobs. I’ve created a field of type “Saved Jobs” that contains a list where I would like user’s to be able to save jobs. Firstly, have I got the right setup for this? And if so, how do I actually save the job to the list?



I would have a field on the user called “Saved Jobs.” When I save a job, it would get added to my Saved Jobs list.

Sorry, yes that’s what I did. Just can’t work out how to actually save them

I’m not sure what you mean by that, but I may be overcomplicating your question. I imagine it would work like this:

  1. User finds a job they like (probably a repeating group with a save button in each cell)
  2. User clicks the save button on that job
  3. A workflow runs adds Current Cell Job to Current User’s Saved Jobs

Am I missing something?

I’m probably missing something really obvious, but what should the workflow look like? This is what I tried

Ah, yes. This is a common mistake.

You are not changing a list of things, you are changing a single thing: The Current User. So rather than using the “Make changes to list” action, you should use the “Make Changes to a Thing” action.

Then, you would choose “User” as the type of thing. In the next box, you specify “Current User.”

Finally, you click the “Change another field” button, and choose “Saved Jobs.” Then, you would use the “add” operator to add Current Cell’s Job.


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