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How do i create relationship between users?

I want to create relationship between users like friends, followers etc. How do I do that, I haven’t found any tutorial on this, Is there any existing tutorial on this that I am missing? If not, Can somebody please tell on How would I do this?

Also, I want to let admin users post certain stuff (certain data types) and which other users are not allowed to post, How can I impose such restrictions on users?

Thanks for any help in this.

The lesson you should look at is ‘Defining a field as a list of things’. In the lesson it’s about ‘shopping items’, but it could very well be a user, and then you define a field on the user type which is ‘Followers’ and is of type ‘List of users’.

For admin, you should look at this post Best way to handle admin features. Basically create a field admin yes/no on the user, and use some conditions on the workflows.

Thanks Emmanuel, I didn’t knew that there is also type " List of users " this certainly can be very helpful while defining things.I would try to work this out as you suggested.

Yeah just click the checkbox when creating a new field. The only thing we don’t support yet is list of addresses, for database reasons.

Just wanted to confirm ,you meant field type User because i am not able to find List of User(s) in the field type dropdown , Are both of these same ?

Sorry , I think I got the answer after looking at the screenshot again , I think you meant select the type user and check the checkbox "This type is a list of elements " .

I’m doing exactly this, but for some reason there is no field to enter users when creating a new entry. The label for the user list is there, but then it’s blank next to it. If I deselect the “list” checkbox, that is, the field type is no longer a list and instead just a field type for a single user… then that works fine - but this only allows for a single user entry, whereas, I want a list of them to be associated with the primary entry. Is this a bug? I’d rather not workaround by creating multiple single user field types. Thanks!

Can you show us what you’re doing in the forum_app? Open app for forum questions

It’s probably an issue with your set up, a lot of users use this feature.

It’s a little difficult as I haven’t done much design with the data quite yet, just setting up my data items for the moment. The issue is right here… you’ll notice next to “subcard” that no field appears to enter users:

with my field set up here:

How about the workflow that add the user in the list?

I’ll try it out today. Didn’t think of that, but it would be nice to add manually from the data view.

@emmanuel It does work via workflow! Any idea about manually adding via the app data view?

We don’t support this yet.

Got it. You guys are doing a great job. Keep those features coming. This is truly the first platform where I’m able to do exactly what I want (been looking for about 2 years!)


@romanmg After saved the THING you could go to a new view that allows you to search and add users to the THING you just created. I guess that would be better right?