Question about Subdomains

Hey Bubblers,

I was wondering if there was a way to have different subdomains on a bubble application. Here is the idea that I have:

I want to create a Help Desk System where people can purchase services from it, but I also want the ability for my customers to be able to add their own domains, for example, and have their domain be dedicated to their site/page.

Let me know what you think and if this is possible.


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Anyone got an idea?

Appears the answer is no.

Tried this out; bubble threw an error.

  1. Added A record for a subdomain
  2. Tried to open a page of our site with

Hi @johnny, I’m also trying to have multiple subdomains for the same Bubble app. Any update?

I got a PM from @chris.williamson1996 with the following info:

"It’s totally possible. You can do full domains or sub.

Basically you need to use:

clear alias for domain forwarding

custom hosting Linux Cpanel via godaddy (with SSL) to host a sub domain of your domain to full screen iframe your app

user datapoint for custom domain URL

JavaScript element on page using document.referrer JavaScript to get the URL of the iframe To read the iframe URL

do search for - user - custom domain - :filtered by JavaScript output with ragex extraction to get the correct URL & counter the issue with link referrals for when they come from a link such as google, Facebook, or other traffic source so it’s always 100% accurate when it shows the users WL info throughout dashboard.

if you have a page such as invoice or proposal or audit (my use case) you will need to save the USER datatype inside each other datatype that will incorporate with white label so you can use params for pulling the users WL if for a connected prospect (CRM app like we are building, if that applies to you)

lastly you can “get data from url” to use conditions to brand things such as logo or anything else

In total godaddy cpanel is $92/year
Clear alias is $99/mo

If you need assistance with setup let me know and I can have my team handle for you.

It’s not an incredibly hard setup once you get it all worked out. The initial setup before I knew how it worked was a nightmare"

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Thanks for your reply @johnny. It’s still pretty unclear to me. Also, it looks like the iFrame is not really SEO friendly.

There may be some hacks to make it work in some instances, with limitations.

However, there doesn’t seem to be a viable workaround if you need users to be able to login.

Note - the root problem is that Bubble it hard-coded to a single domain so all of the custom code solutions that make this easy don’t work because Bubble itself is the root problem.

Hey @johnny @sridharan.s , what would be your workaround this idea involving subdomains:
I want to have a landing page for multiple products on:
and multiple subdomains for each product:,, etc…
do you have any tips regarding this idea?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I don’t really have any suggestions regarding subdomains. My hope is that @bubble will implement it natively soon.