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I am creating a survey which you need to choose the currency first then do the choices, I’m using a data type to store all the currency types and use the User type in Data to storage the current user’s choice in the Dropdown. And later on when I need to show user the money they spent, I use the dynamic data CurrentUser.

My question is that:

  1. Is the CurrentUser the same thing as User in the Data?
  2. I am trying to avoid the mix-up of datas when two users are filling the survey at the same time, will the Data Type User in bubble prevent this?(Cuz I am assuming that the User is a session variable and linked to each single user)

Thanks sooooooooooo much and Merry Xmas!!

  1. Current User does use the Bubble default [User] data type
    You can test this by adding Fields to the [User] data type, and you will see them when creating Expressions on a Page - such as Current User’s MyCustomField

  2. You can avoid this by having a Quiz Result data type, that is linked directly to a User. Either as a Field or under a List on a User. Or also by using a Field on the Quiz Result as a User Data Type

  • Using this method, you will just need to make sure you are saving and displaying Quiz Results that are unique to the Current User, which really depends on how you structure your pages and the Expressions you use to display and save info
  1. Current User is a Unique User, by default Bubble uses a cookie on a User to identify them which lasts a few days I believe, but a User will only be saved to the Database when they have an Account (email)

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Heeeey Geoff!

Thanks SOOOOOOOO much for replying! Super useful! :smile: