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Question for users of CoPilot's Sendgrid PlugIn

How do you prevent global unsubscribes from affecting your transactional emails (Like Reset Password)?

Using Copilot’s Sendgrid Plugin , when Users click on Unsubscribe All in an email, it unsubscribes them even from essential emails like Reset Password, Magic Link logins, etc. This essentially locks your Users out of your application.

The way to bypass this, according to Sendgrid’s documentation here; is to send along a filter to bypass_list_management in your API calls. When an API call includes bypass_list_management, Sendgrid sends the email, regardless of whether the User has unsubscribed or not. However, Copilot’s Sendgrid PlugIn doesn’t allow you to do this.

The solution I see is to stop using CoPilot’s Sendgrid PlugIn and build my own API connection with Sendgrid, but I’d like to see if anyone else has run into this problem and found another workaround before I put in the effort to do this.

Just came across this, I am just beginning to implement sendgrid with the copilot plugin more globally, did you ever solve this?

Copilot never implemented that functionality. I implemented Sendgrid’s API on my own and essentially built my own plugin.

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