Users unsubscribing from password reset emails

Hey bubblers,

I use sendgrid for email, and often a user will unsubscribe from all emails and will then request to reset their password and not receive it. I then have to manually remove them from the sendgrid global unsubscribe to get them back on the allowlist.

Has anyone found a way around this? Some way that the global unsubscribe does not include password reset emails? Is that even legal?!

Thanks in advance.

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You don’t need (and shouldn’t have) an unsubscribe link on a password reset email.

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What happens is that they globally unsubscribe from a different email, and then when they trigger a reset password, sending it gets blocked by the global unsubscribe.

You want to keep your marketing emails separate from your transactional emails… so use 2 different Sub-Users - one for marketing emails and one for transactional emails.

Subusers | Twilio (

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How would that work in bubble? In the Domain/Email Settings, there’s only space for one API key. And in the password reset email, there’s no was to designate who the sender/subuser is.

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Don’s use the built-in Bubble email sending for this… you’ll need to use your own API calls via the API connector.

That said, are you actually sending marketing emails from your app, as well as transactional emails?

Nope, it’s all transactional.

Then there’s no need to include unsubscribe links on your emails.

Unfortunately, based on the business logic of my app, some users do need the ability to choose to unsubscribe from email notifications from the app.

Well that’s something different and, presumably something handled within your app? (and if it’s not then maybe it should be… certainly that’s how I deal with this kind of thing usually).

Alternatively, set up Unsubscribe Groups in SendGrid and use those to allow users to unsubscribe from certain types of emails.

Yup we do Unsubscribe Groups today, which largely serves the purpose, except for when users take it a step further and unsubscribe globally.

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