Question for When Payment workflow is already move on, how can I capture the result of payment action?

The braintree and stripe.

When I set an charger action in workflow, how can I use action result ( payment success or not) to change the data? Cause I can not do these two steps in same workflow.

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Anyone can help me?

Do we have some dev here???

There should be a workflow item for “Stripe result:status” or something like that, this will help you see if the payment was successful or not. Afterwards, you can create a workflow to change data based on the status result.

Hi Talbotnar,

Thank you for your answer. And I still have some confuse. I use Braintree for payment. So, I have a workflow named “payment” to charge user. And when I create a new workflow “result of payment”, I can’t find any thing like “payment:status” in condition.
Could you please tell me where can I find or set it?
Or where can I find “Stripe result:status”?
Since we cannot put “charge user” and “change data” these two things in same workflow.

Thank you!

Hi Talbotnar,

I just find the way to get the result of the payment. But when I put them in same workflow like 1. charge user 2. change data when result of step 1 captured is “Yes”. The step 2 is not work even if step 1 captured is “Yes”.
So, I just want to know what should I do with workflow?

Thank you!

Hi Pei, great!

Did you try testing with the debugger, going step by step?

Hard to guess what’s going on without seeing the workflow.

Hi Talbotnar,

Yes, I check the workflow. And cause charge the user need time ( user need to input card number …etc) and if we set “get the result of charge user” at same work flow, it will not waiting “charge the user” done and then run next step. It will run all workflow.

I test it and create a data type for payment. The workflow is “charge the user” --> " create new thing from step 1 ( save amount, save captured[result of payment])". And when I run the workflow, although the charge is success, the captured data in database is null ( it should be “Yes”).

So, I think it can not put them in same workflow. But I don’t know how to do it…

Thank you!

Yes I think it’ll have to be in a separate workflow.

Try using the “Do when true” workflow. I’ll take a look at this later when I have more time.

Hi Talbotnar,

Since I use different workflow, I can’t catch the result of the payment, it doesn’t have an action like “result of payment from other workflow”.
It really make me confusing.

Thank you!

Hi All, I have a question about how to catch the result of payment.
Is there anyone can help me? Thank you!