Timezone of Server?


When I’m running an api workflow (scheduled via a user, or via bulk action in the data tab) on a date, what time is the ‘current users’ time zone?

Is that server time if run via a bulk action? If so what time zone is that occuring in?

And if a User schedules an api workflow from America/New York time zone - does it run and adjust date formatting based on America/New York?


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Hi @neerja, I also need an answer for this. Something planned on Bubble side to create a server-side action that would indicate in which timezone to execute workflows?


User A’s current time from USA is equal with User B’s current time from Germany.

I understand the differences in time zones (the way they’re displayed) between 2 users in 2 different locations.

I’m talking about 1 user vs. the server and how the server processes dates/times when running a bulk action OR if the 1 user schedules an api workflow that manipulates dates/times based on the ‘current users’ time zone.

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