Questions about Stripe subscriptions


I am planning to build a Saas app using Stripe that will sell subscriptions to companies at USD 5$ per user/month. Imagine google g suite type of subscription.

I have some doubts:

If Customer A subscribe 103 users, should I create 103 subscriptions of $5 or one subscription of $515? Which is the best practice?

If 35 days later, Customer A want to add 63 more users to their subscription plan, what workflow should I use for that?


You’ll most likely end up wanting to use the “graduated pricing” model in stripe products:

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 12.57.30 PM

This will allow you to set up a subscription where you can create different tiers of pricing per unit based on volume. This would be the most similar setup to g-suites pricing model.

Hi @sam.morgan , thanks for your reply. I was also looking into Stipe’s per-seat licensing.

Are this subscriptions types integrated into the Stripe plugin developed by Bubble? Do you know any other Stripe plugins that allow this? Or will I have to do the integrations myself through the API connector?


This should work just fine with our plugin. The “quantity” field in the plugin action will determine the number of “seats” you are subscribing to.

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