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I have a bubble app fully built, but I need help adding in the payment processing now. What I need is to add in a Stripe subscription that charges the user each month per seat. The platform is for teachers, and the current pricing plan is: $0.99 per user (1-10 students) $0.89 per user (10-20 students) and $0.79 per user (20+ students). The current monthly cost for the platform would be how many students the teacher has at the beginning of that month. Would this be possible with Bubble and Stripe?

Due to the nature of this pricing model, the teacher’s subscription cost could change each month.

In order to save time, does anyone have any advice on whether the best way to approach this would be creating and updating a stripe subscription each month, or just creating a recurring back-end workflow that makes a single charge to the user each month based on their current student count?

I would just create multiple Products in Stripe for each price point and add that Product to the Subscription when they subscribe to more. You would need some logic in your backend workflows to add the correct Product, but that method should work fine for your use case. You might be able to use the Bubble built plugin for this (through “Subscribe the user to a plan” although I’m not 100% sure on that since I use my own Stripe calls in API Connector).

As an aside, your price points seem very low, especially once you take in to account your Stripe fee (2.9% + 30c is going to be about $0.66 revenue per use at the base level).

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Okay thank you so much for the help!! I will experiment with this.

That’s a good point, but since the teachers will have more than one student, the 2.9% + 30c will apply to the total correct instead of each “product?” For example, if a teacher has 8 students (at $0.99 per user) than the revenue would be $7.91 - (2.9% + 30c) right?

Take a look at Tiered Pricing.

Or Volume Based Pricing

Yes that’s correct! Ok good point, that definitely helps.

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