Quick dropdown question

This might be a dumb question but I’m wondering why the keyboard up/down arrows do not change selection in a dropdown element when that element is focused? I have tried everything and have been unsuccessful at getting it to work. When the element is focused it allows for one change and then un-focuses the element.

Other than creating a workflow for when inputs value changes:set focus back to the element, is there another way? Seems foolish to have to set workflows for each element like this when dropdowns used in forms should function naturally like this.

Hoping somebody can help!

Just tried it and it works for me.

Yeah same, sounds like a browser issue,

Its responding the same way for me on both mac and pc using safari and chrome. If I tab to a dropdown element, after it arrows down once and selects an input, it doesn’t allow the arrow keys to continue changing input options. I went ahead and built all the workflows to reset focus on the element once it has been changed, I can’t think of any other option.

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