Workflow errors happening with Reusable Element Triggers - Anyone else?

My app has is having a lot of 'Workflow errors ’ - Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!

Is anyone else seeing an increase of these in the logs? Just noticing this over the last day or so and there have been no new deploys recently. Lots of our users are reaching out about it unfortunately :-1:



Found a commonality, they are all Workflows that trigger in a re-usable element. Submitting a bug report

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Hi Geoff,

As you might know, there was a DDoS attack on Bubble’s main cluster yesterday. I don’t know if it’s related, but I thought I’d mention it. Also, yesterday and this morning I’ve seen a few 500 server errors in the browser dev console as I’ve been working with my app. The errors are not triggered by user action, but rather, they’re the result of automated asynchronous requests (XHR’s) triggered by Bubble itself. I’m also submitting a bug report as the error suggests.


I’m also experiencing a similar error

I am familiar with that one. This is very specific issues with Workflows through Trigger events in Re-usable elements. And also seems to be breaking some re-usable element visibility in my app as well

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me too and it happens on LIVE environment too

extremely annoying for our customers

Sent in a bug report, not sure if this is the same one but in some Workflows that Create data, the data is that gets created is not properly saved in my Database so then it is not accessible in future workflows - causing these errors. Since it’s a busy time of year for my users, they are missing out on tens of thousands of dollars per hour here :frowning:

@eve @Bubble @jess anyway to get the report looked at asap? :pray:


Yes also seeing this issue on my live site. Breaking things. Have you gotten a response?

Seems related to this change:

7/19/21 08:54
Small fix for reusable element custom event namespacing

@eve can we get this fixed r/ rolled back ASAP??

Not yet. Sent in the bug report and waiting.
Putting out customer fires and ‘Please check back later’ banners now

Yup, same. The data being created I described above is being done so within a Reusable Element, and the other main Error happening here is from a Re-usable worfklow trigger. Pretty sure it’s that update

Shocked more users aren’t piling on this, using Re-Usables like this is a common ‘advanced bubbler’ technique that many production apps would use

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Just curious, do y’all have immediate updates or scheduled updates on your app? I haven’t seen anything yet, but I’m on scheduled updated

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Immediate, like a dumb***
It won’t let me switch it probably because I am on Legacy Pro Plan, so I thought ‘Well I’ll message them later about it’.

That later is now today

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Yeah it’s trash. The legacy plan doesn’t let you do it because after they did the whole legacy thing it doesn’t include the new features -__-

Have you moved to non-legacy then to get it?

Yeah… it’s so trash, but the best way to prevent this kind of massacre from happening

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Also not sure if this is the intended behavior and don’t want to breach any terms of service but I did notice that if you’re upgraded to Pro, change to scheduled updates then downgrade it still stays and scheduled updates but you can’t change it back…

Should get a bounty for finding that one :sweat_smile:

I’ve noticed a lot of apps get developed without these edge cases thought out

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Yeah… it sorta knocks some sense into you when you deal with bugs like these ones. When you’re on scheduled updates there are guinea pigs in front of you :crazy_face: