Quick Question about Delete

When you delete something is it automatically removed from any lists that it is on? Or does one have to remove the item from the list before deleting? I am hoping the delete action alone takes care of it.

It does (even if you still see some old ID in the list, we check if a thing exists behind the scene )>

Awesome that is great news. So the item deleted won’t appear on any repeating groups even though it’s id might still be on the list right?

Yes, but in general, it’s a great idea to try :slight_smile:

@emmanuel To expound on this topic. Suppose that I want to view items that were previously deleted.

Thinking of how this could work:

  1. Create a new data type- called “Historical”
  2. When a check box is checked, make changes to Historical, and delete item from current repeating group

Do you recommend to set anyway the workflows that remove the Item from lists? or it REALLY doesn’t matter?


I never do.


I have a situation now where I want to show a country (list of 250 countries) only if the country’s list of regions is not empty. It looks like the filter does still see that “behind the scene” removed item.

Is this correct that the filter shows the country?

As a work around I do now delete the region from the list before deleting the region.

Weird, I deleted the country Afghanistan because it had also an empty list. I created the country Afghanistan again. Then I checked my RG list. And suddenly the country Netherlands with the empty list was gone. Did I activate a background cleanup workflow because I edited the table countries?

More weird. With the next refresh the country Netherlands popped up again. Looks like a bug?

I would raise a bug with support.

Doesn’t sound right. But sometimes the “data” in the back end seems out of sync with the front.