Quick Reply Button

I build a messenger service (looks like whatsapp). My users use the service to answer questions from their clients. Therefore, I added a multiline input field and a send button.

Now, I would like to give my users the option to press a quick reply button that has a predefined value (as a data field in DB) behind it. If the button is pressed the value of this data field is send to the multiline input field.

An example would be a “booking” quick reply button that has a booking confirmation text ready. So users do not need to type each confirmation from scratch.

Hi there, @spali… if I was doing what you described, I would likely use an option set to define the quick reply options. I would show those options in a repeating group, and when one of the options is clicked, I would set a custom state (text) to the option set’s display. Finally, I would have the initial content of the multiline input set to the custom state’s value, and at that point, you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc

cool to have you reply to my question. Thx.

do I need to do this over a repeating group? I there no option to send data (from DB data field) to an input field via a normal button? If so I do it that way.

thx lots

You can put a button in a repeating group, and you can have the repeating group’s data source get values from a field in a data type instead of using an option set. The concept I described is still the same, though.