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Radio button and setting state in base

I’m not sure how to use the radio button correctly

I’m making a website with courses
I’m working on the instructor’s website:

here is the page edit instructor profile:

I have the following fields in the database:

I would like to do so that when the instructor goes to the edit instructor profile page, the radio button will be set to the value in the database (from the social media YN field), and that by changing no to yes and pressing save, in the database I will replace the state with no to yes, or from yes to no.

if you have a different solution that I can use to display an icon and a link with social media on the instructor’s website, depending on whether the instructor has social media, let me know


Here you can find some instructions about how to use radio button:

I hope this helps!

I have seen this film and unfortunately my questions are not answered there. I do not know how to change Y / N in the database using the radio button and how to “download” information from the YN field from the base so that automatically when the instructor edits the profile, the appropriate option in the radio button will be selected.

I also don’t know if there is another, better way to solve my case.


You could try to create an option set that displays yes or no and has an attribute yes/no linked with each display. Then you use this option set as data source for your radio button.

When you select the option you save it to a data field of the same type of the option set or type of yes/no, in this last case you need to save the attribute value.