Radiobuttons - stored value VS displayed value


Is there a way to set up the radio button input so that what’s stored in the database for the radio button is different from what’s being displayed? For example, I want set up value pairs such as in this example:

  • blue | Blue Thing
  • green | Green Thing
  • red | Red Thing

The user will see the “Blue Thing”, “Red Thing” phrases on the screen but what’s actually stored in the database is “blue”, “green”, “red” etc.

Ideally I would be able to do this with autobinding but I’m ok with triggering a workflow from a button if that’s what it takes.


Hi there, @bluesyBlues… I’m not sure if you can do it with auto-binding, but you can accomplish the same user experience by using the Elements >> An input’s value is changed workflow action.

You could set up your value pairs in an option set, with the display of each item being Blue Thing, Green Thing, and Red Thing, and you could add an attribute for the value you want to store in the database (blue, green, and red).

Then, you would use dynamic choices for your radio button’s Choices style, and your Option caption would be the Current option's Display.

Finally, you would use the workflow action I mentioned above, the workflow would have one step, and that step would make changes to a thing and set the thing’s relevant field to the radio button’s value’s attribute.

So, any of that make sense? If you need any clarification, let me know and I can throw an example together and grab some screenshots.

Hope this helps.


Hi - Thanks, that makes sense - let me give that a shot.

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