How to set Values with Radio Buttons

How would I set values with radio buttons?

Red = 1
Yellow = 2
Blue = 5

When it is selected it SETs Point Value to whatever the number is.
(Also is there a way to populate this dynamically?)

Assuming you want to load the chosen value to a dB object (… a data type):

Various ways to do this. Here is one:

3 workflows

1st - when radiobutton is clicked set it’s condition to “radiobutton’s value is “red”
2nd - same as above but for “blue”
3rd - same as above but for “yellow”

1st - set up an action to create or modify a thing in the dB and set the value of the number you want to a number field of the thing to … example “3”
2nd - same as above … example “5”
3rd - same as above … example “9”

Hope this makes sense :+1:t2:

How would I change the value when the radio button’s value is changed? (not when a button is pushed)

Use the event “when an input’s value is changed”

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Ok so I am lost on the first part. I have Static Answers for the Radio Button


In the work flow I want to set the value
When Radio button changes
Set Value Point Result to …

Assume it is Red it should be 1

The inputs value is changed doesn’t seem to trigger. I may be messing it up some place.

Perhaps this can help


This was extremely helpful, but I am not able to populate the data back into the data set for some reason. Any ideas why this might be happening?