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Random string changes during action flows


I created an action that generates a 4 digit random string. This works fine, except, when I want to display this random number in an input field (by using search for id in URL in the next action) it shows a complete different number (I double checked this method, it works for non-random values, and when using ‘results from previous step’ it shows similar behaviour). How to prevent Bubble from re-randomize this number during an action-flow?

thanks in advance.

Just display the results of the first workflow

unfortunately this doesn’t solve the issue :frowning:

The make a change to Thing search - do you have the same constraint there? Just making sure you’re modifying the correct thing.

The verification_code datatype is text. The random string can’t be formatted as text.

db stores: 2684
my OneSignal push notification says: 0796

Allright, I solved it,

Add a data update action where code=code and refer to the results of this step. Probably the actions are to fast for the random string that is being stored in the database, it will work on this way.

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