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Ranking the top selling bubble templates by revenue

I’ve been intrigued by the micro-economy for a while now and did a little digging this weekend. As far as I can see the top 5 revenue generating bubble templates of all time are as follows:

  1. Freelancing like Upwork by Zeroqode (estimated revenue = $44,820)
  2. Headstart 3.0 - Multipurpose by Zeroqode (estimated revenue = $36,729)
  3. Bookings & Appointments by Zeroqode (estimated revenue = $36,603)
  4. Courses like Udemy by Zeroqode (estimated revenue = $33,615)
  5. Home Rentals Marketplace by Zeroqode (estimated revenue = $32,370)

@ZeroqodeSupport truly are the 800 pound gorilla in the bubble templates room - they account for an incredible 23 of the top 25 revenue generating bubble templates. Impressive from @levon and the team!

Based on the numbers I ran, it looks like total proceeds from bubble template sales has totalled c.$850k. Still not in the same league as WordPress or Webflow (I’m guessing), but a healthy number that is a sign of a flourishing ecosystem.

A little plug (sorry sorry): If you want to dig deeper in the data I’m making it available for $12.95 on Gumroad. Any feedback welcome :slight_smile:

Caveat: All these figures are based on gross revenue (before the bubble 25% fee). They also exclude any additional income from developer’s licences, as I simply multiplied the number of installs by the standard price.


This is an interesting overview of things and helps highlight the solid work Zeroqode has done developing and marketing their products. But as a template developer (Top Shelf Templates) I can assure you that the numbers are much smaller, which I think Levon could attest to as well.

A couple of reasons why:
Many templates started out at a lower price or even as Free in order to ‘boost’ the install numbers. Since the number of installs is (or at least was at one point) is how templates get sorted in the marketplace, there is an advantage to have templates that have a high number of installs as your templates get seen first

Discounts & freebies - coupon codes can be offered for the templates, as well as temporary price reductions making the numbers lower


Ah ok, thanks for this insight @gf_wolfer :slight_smile: How much of a reduction vs. the estimates I have do you reckon that leads to? Not easy to say I know.

The incentives of the marketplace are interesting - almost pushes people towards a freemium like model where you give away the first X amount to gain visibility…

Also great work with Top Shelf Templates - I used your Startup Landing page template for my simple one-pager haha

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hey @alexcooney5 thanks for the meticulous work of putting these number together, well done! :pray: :slight_smile:
@gf_wolfer is right though, the actual numbers are lower due to the factors he mentioned. Airbnb template (and many others) used to cost only $137 when it was first released, big number of templates are purchased during Black Friday sale, last year we did 50% on all templates, this year 30%. So it’s really difficult to give you an average correction percentage that should be applied unless we dig into the sale details for 4-5 years. Sorry for not being more helpful.
and thanks again for your time doing the research!


Thanks @levon. Will have a think about all this and go back to the drawing board.

Even if there’s a heavy haircut on the revenue figures I had, it’s still hard not to be bullish on Zeroqode for the next decade! :slight_smile:

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